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45th Reunion Class Meeting

Class Business Meeting Notes

August 7, 2016, Franciscan Room, Hotel Albuquerque

These notes are an informal description of the business meeting, highlighting key discussions and decisions.  34 classmates attended the Business Meeting/Continental Breakfast  on Sunday morning.

45th Reunion Report:

Pam Melton-White reported on the planning of the reunion for a conservative estimate of 70 attendees based attendance at the 40th Reunion and a survey prior to the 45th Reunion planning process.  The hotel contract was renegotiated when it became apparent fewer than 70 would attend.  64 people registered for the reunion, 43 classmates and 21 guests.  With leftover funds from the 40th reunion and proceeds from the silent auction, the 45th Reunion will break even.  There may be a small balance to pass along to the 50th Reunion planners. 

Pam also shared her conversation with Jim Miyagishima before the 40th Reunion to explain how she became the Chairperson for the 40th and 45th Reunions.  “How do you say ‘no’ to someone in the hospital recovering from a kidney transplant?”

Appreciation for all the hard work that went into the 40th and 45th Reunions was expressed by many individuals at the meeting.  The 45th Reunion was deemed a great success!

50th Reunion Planning:

The 50th Reunion will be held in Alamogordo.  Meeting attendees expressed an interest in scheduling the 50th Reunion during Homecoming weekend 2021.  Tonya Miller Williamson and Kay Watkins Standefer volunteered to co-chair the 50th Reunion. 

Website Root Administrator:

Randall Huddleston volunteered to become the Root Administrator for the website.  Susan Deese-Roberts will finalize activities/information related to the 45th Reunion during August and then turn Root Administrator duties over to Randall.


Sue Edwards volunteered to take over duties of Treasurer.  A transition from Steve Kondo to Sue will occur over the next several months.  A ‘succession’ plan was discussed with issues related to account signees, distribution of funds after ‘last’ reunion, need to account for funds for reunions, etc.  Joe Wilkinson volunteered to be a ‘back-up’ signee on bank accounts.  There are options open for the Class of ’71 bank account location.


Attendees discussed the use of the website donation module as a way to defray reunion costs and/or to meet a specific goal such as making a donation to Alamogordo High School during the 50th Reunion, creating a scholarship to an Alamogordo High School student in 2021, etc.  In general, the group liked the idea of donations being made but expressed an interest in having a specific goal/purpose for the funds. 

Did you know?  Collective Wisdom of the Class of ’71:

Appreciation was expressed for Steve Kondo’s work on the book, “Did You Know . . . Collective Wisdom of the Class of ’71.”  There is discussion of a second edition.  The book was given to all 45th Reunion classmates and can be purchased on amazon.com.  Royalties will go to the Class of ’71 bank account.

45th Reunion Photo Disc:

Bobbie Elston Montana will produce a photo disc from the 45th Reunion.  Proceeds from the disc above Bobbie’s costs will go to the Class of ’71 bank account.  Photo discs can be purchased directly from Bobbie.


Meeting Adjourned with many hugs and smiles, maybe a few tears, too!